Service dogs are some of the most important animals to grace the planet. They are selfless, loyal and they perform a wide range of services. Without their assistance, millions of people across the globe would not enjoy the same quality of life that they do today.

Korey is one of the many dogs that provide their owners with the necessary help that they need. For Korey, his owner suffers from diabetes. So, he’s been trained to seek help if her blood sugar drops or if she faints.

Now, Korey’s human is sharing his skills on TikTok and even showing how he’s trained to do what he does.

Korey’s videos are designed to provide viewers with a greater level of appreciation for all of the work that service dogs do.

In one video, we can see what Korey does when his owner’s blood sugar is low. As soon as he senses it, he grabs her a bottle of juice and brings it to her. Then, he “boops” her leg repeatedly.

Now, if Korey senses that her blood sugar is too high, he’ll start spinning in circles. It’s pretty neat to watch!

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For both high blood sugar and low blood sugar, Korey senses these with his nose. He can actually tell a difference in the way his owner smells!

Now, if his owner faints, Korey goes on alert immediately. He rushes to her side and loudly barks – and continues to bark until help arrives.

Service dogs often bark loudly as a form of alert, so if you hear a service dog barking, definitely pay attention!

Watch Korey in action in the videos below:

If you’re curious about his boots, his owner revealed on their TikTok that Korey doesn’t like hardwood floors. The booties help him remain surefooted so he can continue to train, work, and play without slipping around.

What do you think of Korey and his service skills?

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