According to the Health day news, a new invention is on its way in which the researchers found a new painless way and quick test for the blood sugar level by taking the sample of the human sweat which means now you do not have to prick your fingers to check the blood sugar level in the human body.

New Sweat Sensitive Device Can Be A Boon For The Diabetic Patients

Monitoring of the blood sugar level is very important to check whether the level is in between the permissible marks or not.  These all things come under diabetes management techniques. But we all know the inconvenience and the pain which we go through while the check-up. It is not liked by many.

The new invention tests the sugar level when the sweat touches the surface and then runs the algorithm to determine the percentage of the blood sugar level to give the results for the glucose in the blood. The new proof study claims that the device is 95 percent accurate after as well as before the meals.

The test is not yet ready to be used by common people and not yet sanctioned for large production. The researchers in this field are highly optimistic about the performance of the device and hope that soon it would help million to check the blood sugar level periodically without facing pain and pricks in the finger as done by the traditional method of blood sugar test.

Dr John Buse who is the director of the centre of diabetes at North Carolina University said that the no prick device is a boon for diabetic patients as they do not have to face the pain in the testing of the glucose level in the body and soon the product can be used by all. The advancement in the research of the touch-sensitive device does not require any pricking. It can surely give a quality life to many diabetic patients.

Fingers have many sweat glands which release sweat at a higher rate which is used by the device to detect the blood sugar level with the help of a characterized algorithm. You just need to place the finger on the sensor and in one minute the hydrogel reacts with the sweat to undergo a reaction that results in small electric impulses which are then detected by the device handheld.

To make the device accurate many samples of the blood of the diabetic patients were tested and matched with the algorithms in the device. To calibrate the device, the person just needs to prick his or her finger once in 2 months. Such a fast and effective method for glucose check-up was never seen in the history of medical sciences.

 Doctors seem to be very optimistic regarding the product and sad that the device can increase productivity also. The device is very swift, easy to use and very comfortable. The doctors exclaimed that the team is working very hard to cross the finish line so that the product can be used by millions so people around the globe.

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