Carlos Inacio, 57, of West Orange, was getting ready to head out on a Labor Day weekend trip to Lake George when a mild wound on his left foot became severely infected. Due to his diabetes, as well as intense swelling of his foot and leg, Inacio rushed to Hackensack Meridian Mountainside Medical Center for guidance. 

By the time Carlos arrived at Mountainside, he required immediate medical intervention.

Carlos saw his endocrinologist Marlyn Fernandez, M.D., E.C.N.U., F.A.C.E., who initially diagnosed his condition and referred him to Scott M. Gioioso, D.P.M., F.A.C.F.A.S., for surgery. 

“By the time I was seen by my doctor, I was told I needed emergency surgery and was confirmed to have gangrene,” said Carlos. “Upon arrival, my pinky toe was entirely black and required amputation.”

Amidst the chaos of the news, compounded by his condition, Inacio’s attention was drawn to the careful attitude of his doctors and nurses. He recalls their attention to cleanliness, as well as kindness.

“I couldn’t have asked for a better team to be in charge of my care,” said Carlos. “Between the communication and sanitation – because I was being treated during COVID-19 – it was remarkable to be greeted and cared for with such positive attitudes by everyone.”

Carlos was so impressed with the hospital staff, he’d occasionally bring in breakfast for everyone to show his appreciation.

Following his surgery, Carlos needed advanced wound management. He made a follow-up appointment at the Center for Wound Healing at Mountainside Medical Center where he was evaluated by a multidisciplinary team of physicians. Carlos was recommended a recovery regimen that includes consistent hyperbaric chamber therapy and wound care.

Carlo’s wound is nearly healed which is a testament to the exceptional care he received. While Carlos is now assured his wound will heal in due time, he’s especially thankful to the hospital staff who have supported him through his treatment and beyond.

“The staff at the hospital is amazing,” said Carlos. “I have never received care this great anywhere else.”

For more information about the Center for Wound Healing at Mountainside Medical Center, please visit To schedule an appointment at the Center, please call Central Scheduling at 973-877-7787. 

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