The Department of Science and Technology – Industrial Technology Development Institute (DOST-ITDI) recently partnered with Geriatrica International Inc., to commercialize a natural anti-diabetic health supplement.

Called MOSYMU, the anti-diabetic health supplement comprises leaf extracts of Malunggay, Duhat, and unripe fruit of Saba.  

DOST-ITDI and Geriatrica International Inc. have agreed to join forces to adopt, utilize, make and produce the technology on the production of MOSYMU through a licensing agreement.

To address diabetes, one of the most prevalent diseases of today, DOST-ITDI developed an anti-diabetic dietary supplement.  DOST-ITDI said that with the fast-paced environment and lifestyle changes, more and more Filipinos are at risk of diseases. 

“And with the increasing vulnerability of the population to health risks, the rise of natural supplements are also seen in the local market,” it added. 

The powder mixture in the capsule contains phytochemicals such as saponins, glycosides, amino acids, tannins, alkaloids, flavonoids, and anthraquinones.  In the study, the malunggay-duhat-saba supplement is an effective blood sugar-lowering agent that lowers blood glucose levels from 600 milligrams per decilitre (mg/dL) and above to the normal value of 120 mg/dL.

It is one of 21 ITDI-developed technologies selected to be featured in Cluster 2 – Aging Society, Health, and Medical Care last year at  the 2019 National S&T Week (NSTW) Exhibits at the World Trade Center in Pasay City. 

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