Ruth Weir, 41, started swimming for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation’s (JDRF) Swim for Type 1 event on Valentine’s Day with the aim of swimming 34km.

She said: “A week later, William said he would support me by coming along to swim for a few lengths.

“Two-and-a-half weeks later and he has already swam half the distance of the Channel and now wants to complete the whole thing.

“I finished the full distance on March 13 but want to keep going to support William.”

William was diagnosed with type one diabetes at five-years-old and began raising money for the JDRF immediately after.

He has cycled ten miles for the charity among other feats and has raised more than £18,000 so far.

William is active despite his diabetes and enjoys playing sports like tennis, however, swimming brings its own challenges.

Ruth added: “It can be risky because of hypos (hypoglycaemia), when William is playing tennis it’s much easier to manage as when a hypo pops up he can have a quick snack.

“However, it isn’t smart to eat while swimming so he usually just sips on a Lucozade periodically to make sure his sugar levels are OK.”

William and the JDRF have a good relationship that has seen him represent the charity by going on speeches at schools to raise diabetes awareness.

The charity has also researched on projects like producing technology that acts as an artificial pancreas for people with diabetes.

William uses a pump which works in tandem with a continuous glucose monitor.

The monitor adapts to his body through an algorithm and sets off alarms if his sugar levels are too low, then the pump injects insulin.

Technology like this has made William’s life a lot easier and he hopes to continue helping the charity so others can have the same relief.

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