LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) – On Monday, more people in the state will be able to eligible to get their vaccinations; including more people, who are younger and those with previously not included underlying health conditions.

Tim Rhea wakes up everyday, checks his glucose level with the prick of a finger, he stands over the counter waiting while his device calculates his levels, he gets the reading and starts his day.

”The key to managing diabetes type one – that’s what you’re doing managing it, there is no cure – that is you need discipline and you need routine,” said Rhea. “That’s the first thing COVID did – is not necessarily that you got it, but it took your routine away.”

”It has to be the only auto immune disease, that was excluded from those early phases,” said Rhea. When the CDC announced people with type two diabetes were eligible for the vaccination, as a type one diabetic he was in shock.

”I had essentially given up, saying we’ll get to a point where there will be enough of it and I’ll get it when I get it,” said Rhea. “An epidemiologist friend of mine said no you need to get it as soon as you can.”

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