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Welcome To iCash4you

icash4you is a quick, easy, and totally free way to get cash for your goods. For years, we have been providing our customers with fair retail financial services. Apart from our vast experience in the industry, we are dedicated to helping you access cash for your diabetic test strips, car, or house.

Here are the services we offer:

  • Cash for diabetic test strips. We offer quick cash for your extra or unwanted test strips. We use these goods to help those who are in need of supplies.
  • Cash for houses. We work intimately with homeowners to offer quick cash buyouts for their houses. No repairs or realtor fees are necessary.
  • Cash for cars. We provide competitive offers on cars in all conditions
  • Cash for phones. We provide competitive offers on iphones or android phones
  • Cash for gift cards. We provide competitive offers on all kinds of gift cards

Our goal is to offer excellent customer service. We would like to hear from you if you’re not satisfied.  We value customer feedback and your satisfaction is our joy. That’s why we strive to offer the best possible service and rates for your goods. We are constantly challenging ourselves to raise our standards.

Get cash for your goods

We have come to understand the value of transparency in our industry. Our pricing and processes are completely honest and fair. For this reason, many clients have come to trust that we have their best interests at heart.

We know that selling stuff online isn’t easy. From writing listings and taking pictures to waiting for bids to roll in, the process is often tiresome and sometimes frustrating. The worst of all is when you’re dealing with unreliable buyers who might not buy or even pay.

At icash4you, we provide an easy, reliable, and safe way to sell. We do instant valuations after knowing what you’re selling. If it’s diabetic test strips, pack and ship them to us for free and we’ll pay you after their arrival. If it’s a car or house, we’ll come and value it and give you cash within a few days. With icash4you, selling your goods becomes easy!

Since we started icash4you, the revolutionary business has taken the country by storm. Everyone is talking about us, whether it’s on The Today Show, Fox News, or Good Morning America. This means we have gained the trust of our customers and are providing quality for their goods.

We always want to offer the best price for your goods or property. In fact, we pay at least 33% above what carrier buyback programs do for diabetic test strips, cars, and houses. If you don’t like our price for shippable goods, we’ll ship them back for free.

At icash4you, we believe that every company should be environmentally sensitive. We accept your unwanted goods and recycle them responsibly. This is why we have earned great repute all across the country for our eco-friendly activities. Moreover, many clients have come to love our activities.


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We strongly believe it’s our responsibility to protect our customers’ personal details. For this reason, we encrypt all the information you share with us. This ensures that all your transactions and dealings with us are safe and no fraudster can have access to your details. We use the most advanced and ultramodern technology to protect your data.